Wards 9 and 10 Trustee Candidate

Thank You!

…..to all the people in this great community who came out to vote for me.   I met so many of you at your door,  through email and through your friends and I am so inspired and impressed of the wonderful people in this community.   I remain committed as ever to working for the well being of children and and youth and look forward to continue to see great things from educators in Peel and the Peel District School Board.





With over 30 years experience in the nonprofit and public sectors, LeeAnn is passionate about building relationships and working with and for children, families and communities.

LeeAnn and her family have been residents of Mississauga since 1983 in the Meadowvale and central Erin Mills communities. She took an active role in her children’s education. She volunteered in the classroom, helped out in a variety of roles from attending school trips to providing reading support, serving pizza, to photocopying for knapsack materials.

Moving to central Erin Mills where she lives today, her sons went to the John Fraser family of schools. From elementary to high school, LeeAnn served as a parent representative on the School Councils. She brought her passion for ensuring that every child be able to experience field trips and extra-curricular activities and advocated for school fund-raising dollars to be made available to do so. She was a strong parent voice for criminal record checks for all school volunteers in the early 2000s and proponent of school safety initiatives.

As a professional LeeAnn has had a successful career starting in
community agencies delivering services at the grass roots level. She worked directly with individuals and families and advocated for policy changes on major social issues: poverty, inclusion, child abuse and domestic violence, and fairer access to supports and services for children and families. She then moved on to regional and municipal government where she held senior advisory, project management and leadership positions in Social Services and Public Works Departments.  She brings extensive experience in strategic and business planning, management and public and employee engagement. She has worked with all three levels of government. She is acutely aware of the difficult balance of maintaining fiscal responsibility of tax payers’ dollars while providing necessary, responsive and growing public services.

Known for her warm and collaborative approach, LeeAnn seeks out diverse voices and opinions, and enjoys working with staff and the community to solve problems and come up with a common direction.

LeeAnn is married with two sons and a grand daughter. She has a bachelors degree in Psychology and several certifications including Advanced Leadership and Public Engagement.

Recently retired, LeeAnn will be fully committed to the role of English Public School Board Trustee to serve and represent the children and families in Wards 9 and 10.