Why Vote for LeeAnn Lloyd

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I want to see ALL kids enjoy their school years and graduate Grade 12 to be academically successful, confident and ready to contribute to their community.

I’m concerned about: 

  • the rise in mental illness amongst children and youth and increase in bullying and violence

  • that only a small percentage of children with special needs get assessed and the necessary supports they need for learning

  • that educators are spending so much time responding to complex needs of students, managing behaviour and crises instead of teaching

    “We spend so much time managing significant mental health issues with students, and managing staff and facility issues that I never feel we can move ahead with the student learning agenda.”  Ontario Teacher,  People for Education Report, 2017

    I’m concerned that the current Ministry has cut out the maintenance and repair budget for aging schools

    And I’m concerned that the Health and Physical Education curriculum has brought on so much division amongst parents and communities when I understand it was intended to achieve the opposite: inclusion, empathy, confidence, personal safety and mental wellbeing

    Whether it is this curriculum or a better one over the next year, it will be my goal to ensure that respect for schools, for educators, and for each other is always being taught and part of school from the first day children arrive to kindergarten. 

    Our public schools should graduate students who are academically successful, confident and ready to work together to make society better.   That is how my husband and I raised our own sons.  I expect nothing less from our public education system.   

    I look forward to your support on October 22 !






“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead